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Your Experience

At Xi Fertility TCM Centre, you will experience a holistic approach in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

(1) Step 1: Analysing Your Health

The philosophy of TCM emphasize that external symptoms are the manifestation of internal imbalances. At Xi Fertility TCM Centre, our physicians assess your health by analysing your external symptoms to determine the presence of internal problems. A  TCM physician differentiates the root causes of a problem by applying the following methods:

  • Observations (望)- The physician observes the entire body, which includes the tongue, complexion, body shape & contour, posture, movement and vitality
  • Smelling and listening (闻)- The physician observes the smell of body odours, excretions and secretions; listen to the voice, tone, and sound of respiration or cough
  • Questioning (问)- The physician enquires the chief complaints, the onset and duration of the problem, and relevant medical history & symptoms associated with the problems
  • Pulse analysing (切)- The physician feels and evaluate the pulse by palpating certain areas of the body

(2) Step 2: Determining the diagnosis

Our TCM physician will then analysed the underlying problems by gathering all the information from the diagnostic method. Our physician will apply of TCM principles to differentiate the disharmony pattern. Upon which, our physician will formulate a treatment strategy to bring the body to equilibrium.

(3) Step 3: Treatment 

Various treatment modalities can be prescribed singly or in combination to treat a disharmony, such as herbal medication, acupuncture,  tuina, or moxibustion